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First appearance: "The Mystery of Crocco Island"
Created by: Tony DePaul & César Spadari

The Crocco is a race of amphibious creatures from Crocco Island off the coast of Bangalla.

Fictional Character biography

According to Team Fantomen

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According to the newspaper strip

When the Crocco's hideout had been compromised, they were relocated to a new place to live by The Phantom, with help by Captain Savarna. Crocco Island West

Behind the Scenes

  • Around the time when the first Crocco story was published in Sweden, a Sunday story with a similar theme ("Waterman" by Lee Falk, George Olesen and Fred Fredericks) ran in US newspapers.
  • The Crocco is one of few Team Fantomen creations that have appeared in newspaper strip stories.
  • The appearance of the Crocco creatures is very different in the Team Fantomen stories compared to their appearance in the daily strip. Their original appearance in the comic books was inspired by the horror movie "The Creature from the Black Lagoon".
The Crocco, as portrayed in the Phantom daily strip.


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Mystery of Crocco Island" DePaul Spadari
2 "Return of the Crocco Gang" DePaul Spadari
3 "The Harbourmaster's Secret" DePaul Spadari

Daily stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "Crocco Island West" DePaul Ryan 29 Dec 2008 25 Apr 2009