Colonel Markham

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Colonel Markham
First appearance: "The Triads, Part 1:
Deadly Cargo
Created by: Claes Reimerthi, Felmang, & Anthony Benny

Colonel Markham was the colonel of the Jungle Patrol during atleast parts ofthe 1920s and 1930s.


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Notable appearances

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Pugilist" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny 192? Sometimes claimed 1927, however, the stories of the Triads begins at the end of the 1920s and and at the early 1930s,
and part 2 of those stories continues where this story ends.
"The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny 192?  
"The Triads, Part 2: The Five Thunderbolts" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho 192?  
"The Ibis Mystery, Part 3: Scarface" Worker Leppänen ca. 1923 Sometimes dated to 1933, which is impossible since the 20th Phantom, born 1912, appears to be 10-12 years old.
"Patrolman Weeks Suspended" Reimerthi Mann 193?