Chee Chee

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Chee Chee
Chee Chee.jpg
First appearance: "The Heirs"
& Sunday story)
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Chee Chee is a chimpanzee in the Monkey Mail service.

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Daily / Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Heirs" (daily & Sunday story) Falk Barry first appearance
"The Tree House" Falk Barry
"Queen Amaza's Mate" Falk Barry
"The Twins' 8th Birthday" Falk Barry
"The Snake Goddess" Falk Barry
"The Moxley Awards" Falk Barry

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 1: The Red Staff" Kharelli Lindahl as Chi-Chi
"The Man Who Could Not Die" Kharelli Bess as Tsji-Tsji, identified only in the Norwegian version

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Queen of Saba" Felmang Felmang