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First appearance: "Terror in Mawitaan"
Created by: Tony DePaul
& Graham Nolan

Chatu, also known as "The Python" is an international terrorist originally from Bangalla.

Fictional Character Biography

He has been sentenced to death in his absence, found guilty of murders in a dozen countries. Chatu is of the Wambesi tribe, but he did not carry out his crimes in his native Bangalla. After hiding with his soldiers in Rhodia, he returned to Bangalla where he lived openly at a Mawitaan hotel. By threatening to blow up the nearby Government Center, where children of soldiers and police are cared for, he believed he could avoid the law. However, the Phantom intervened and confronted Chatu. With help from a suicide bomber, Chatu managed to escape, thinking he had killed the Phantom in the process. Terror in Mawitaan

Chatu and some of his men managed to hide in the jungle, but were found by Rhodian soldiers who had crossed the border into Bangalla. Chatu and his men managed to surprise the soldiers and by killing them they had access to equipment, weapons and a helicopter. As the Phantom learned of this, he set out into the jungle and slowly began to overpower Chatu's men. After realising that the Phantom wasn't dead, Chatu began to believe there could be some truth to the legends of the Phantom's immortality. The Return of Chatu

Again, Chatu managed to escape barely, believing he had killed the Phantom. Chatu's next plan was to extract ebola virus from bats to use for extortion. However, he contracted the virus himself in the process, and was saved by the Phantom and Guran - even though this meant that the Phantom risked his own life. Finally, the Phantom could send Chatu to the authorities, and he was inprisoned in Boomsby. Justice for the Python

Even from behind bars, Chatu plotted against his hated enemy, faking the death of his wife. The Death of Diana Palmer Walker. The plot was eventually exposed, and Chatu ended up as a captive of the Wambesi. Chatu's Fate As of the time of Lara Bell's visit to the Wambesi, he was still their captive. The Scoundrel

Eric Sahara a.k.a. "The Nomad" has since seized some of Chatu's criminal assets.


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Terror in Mawitaan" DePaul Nolan first appearance
"The Return of Chatu" DePaul Ryan
"Justice for the Python" DePaul Ryan
"The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" DePaul Ryan
"The Phantom at Sea" DePaul Ryan
"Terror Cells of New York" DePaul Ryan
"The Trail to Gravelines Prison" DePaul Ryan
"Chatu's Fate" DePaul Ryan
"The Nomad" DePaul Ryan, Barreto
"The Shadows of Rune Noble" DePaul Barreto, Ryan, Beatty
"The Power House Gang" DePaul Beatty mentioned only
"The Scoundrel" DePaul Ryan mentioned only
"Terror's Mutiny" DePaul Ryan
"John X" DePaul Ryan mentioned only
"The Battlements of the Nomad" DePaul Beatty mentioned only
"The Phantom Stamp" DePaul Manley mentioned only
"The Phantom is Everywhere" DePaul Beatty, Weigel mentioned only
"The Rhodian Column" DePaul Manley
"The Llongo Forest" DePaul Manley