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Chattanooga Daily Times

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Chattanooga Daily Times was an American newspaper that published "The Phantom" daily strip from 1960 to 19??.


Chattanooga Daily Times was a daily newspaper published in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Published stories

Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The 50th Wife" October 31, 1960 February 25, 1961
"The Iron Dragon" February 27, 1961 May 13, 1961
"The Werewolf" May 15, 1961 August 19, 1961
"The Slave Market of Mucar" August 21, 1961 February 10, 1962
"The Epidemic" February 12, 1962 June 16, 1962
"The Wharf Rats" June 18, 1962 October 13, 1962
"The Mysterious Ambassador" October 15, 1962 June 1, 1963
"The Mystery of the Island of Dogs" June 3, 1963 December 14, 1963
"The Drummer of Timpenni" December 16, 1963 ?