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First appearance: "Revenge of the Vultures"
Created by: Ulf Granberg &
Bertil Wilhelmsson

Carpatia is a country in Eastern Europe.


Carpatia was for many years part of the empire of Austria-Hungary and ruled by a military governor. After an uprising in 1908 the Carpatians defeated the Austrian army at the battle of Borovina. However, the Carpatian leader count Steyrbach was murdered by The Vultures who briefly held power until they were defeated and the city magistrate proclaimed the republic. Vultures Over Vacul


In 1875 Carpatia was a province of Austria. It was at that time located on the train line between Vienna and Bosnia-Hercegovina (presumably due south of Vienna) and it took several hours to go by night train from Vienna to Carpatia. The Vampire in Carpatia It is also said to be located in the Balkans but near enough from Geneva, Switzerland, to fly there with a small two-engine airplane. The Blood Gold

Carpatia is bordered by Waldavia. The False Prince

Behind the scenes

Carpatia first appeared in an edited version of the 1973 daily story "The Things", published in Fantomen 4/1974. This story was originally set in Koqania, which was renamed in the edited version. Carpatia and Koqania have since developed separate characteristics and are not presented as the same country in Team Fantomen stories.

The name appears to be inspired by The Carpathian Mountains, which is called Karpaterna in Swedish. This could explain why the country was called Carpatia and not Carpathia.

Carpathia (note the spelling) has been used as a fictional Balkan kingdom in the films "The Prince and the Showgirl" (1957), "Ghostbusters II" (1989), and "Dragon Storm" (2004), as well as season 1, episode 14 (1978) of the television show "Fantasy Island".


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Revenge of the Vultures" Granberg Wilhelmsson mentioned
"The Vampire in Carpatia" Granberg Vallvé  
"The Blood Gold" Eklund Bade  
"Vultures Over Vacul" Bull Vallvé  
"The False Prince" Worker Leppänen  
"Rasputin's Puzzle" Kharelli Bess  
"The Curse of Carpatia" Worker Felmang, Waldrag  
"The Iron Mask" Avenell Lindahl  
"The Witches of Carpatia" Avenell Cruz  
"The Marionettes" Avenell Cruz  
"The Wolfman of Montargis" Worker Lindahl  
"The Black Queen" Longstreet Felmang, Benny  
"The Golden Eagle" Madden Saviuk  
"Death in Carpatia" Sol Ordon  

Newspaper stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Things" Falk Barry only in edited Team Fantomen version, originally set in Koqania

Avon novels

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Vampires and the Witch" Falk N/A only in edited Team Fantomen version, originally set in Koqania