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Captain Savarna

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Captain Savarna Devi
First appearance: "Crocco Island West"
Created by: Tony DePaul &
Paul Ryan

Captain Savarna Devi is the Captain of the India Voyager II.

Fictional Character Biography

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Savarna, last name Devi (revealed in "To Wrack and Ruin at Gravelines"), resembles the Phantom in many ways. Having her idyllic sea-borne family childhood wiped out by pirates has given her a hatred of piracy that surpasses the Phantom's. Unlike him, she is prepared to kill.

She travels the world's oceans on her automated freighter the India Voyager II, which packs heavy armaments in the form of a 76mm deck-gun and an underwater torpedo tube.

The mark on her forehead suggest a high Hindu caste, but this has never been made clear. When not wearing her uniform, she wears glamorous saris around the ship.

Apart from her loving family in New York, she has no attachments to comfort her over her unrequited love for the Phantom. She adores Kit and Heloise, and is jealous of Diana. Her trip to Rhodia to help rescue Diana has put her into great danger.


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Daily & Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Crocco Island West" DePaul Ryan first appearance
"The Hunt for the Unknown Commander" DePaul Ryan mentioned only
"The Phantom at Sea" DePaul Ryan
"Terror Cells of New York" DePaul Ryan
"The Trail to Gravelines Prison" DePaul Ryan
"Chatu's Fate" DePaul Ryan
"Revenge in Rhodia" DePaul Beatty
"To Wrack and Ruin at Gravelines" DePaul Manley
"The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz" DePaul Manley