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Dogai Singh reading Bengali News

Bengali News is a newspaper in Bengali.

Its offices are located at Bengali Square in Morristown. The Floating Island. Among its readers are The Phantom, Dogai Singh and Wambatta

Other Bengali newspapers include Bengali Times and Bengali Bugle.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Comment
"The Moon Herb" Wambatta shows headline "Bengali wins after incredible goal by Rikku!"
"The Floating Island" Dogai Singh reads The Phantom's ad
"Mistaken Identity" Headline "Bank robbery nets £ 2.7 mil"
"The Ghost Ship" The Phantom buys a copy
"The Phantom from the Bronx" ?
"Duel in Cyberspace" Sold at a newspaper vendor
"The Jury of Death" The Phantom meets Louise Bertram, journalist

RGE stories

Title Comment
"Circus Adventure" ?