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First appearance: "Pirates of the Arctic"
Created by: Norman Worker &
Kari Leppänen

Bail was the overseer of King Solomon’s diamond mines in Africa.

Fictional Biography

Bail was in charge of the mining in King Solomon's mines. When the miners dug too deep he found a bottomless shaft which led to the underworld. Evil forces from the underworld possessed him turning him into a servant of the Devil. King Solomon sent Shem to seal the mines trapping Bail inside. After two thousand years Shem grew tired and fell asleep. Five Vikings, shipwrecked on the shore of Bengali, accidently discovered sleeping Shem and the mines. Ale, one of the Vikings, picked up the magical key from the hands of Shem and opened the gates of the mine releasing Bail by mistake. While the Vikings fled in terror the doors of the mines shut down with Bail trapped outside the mine unable to return to the underworld. Pirates of the Arctic

Bail started looking for the magical key which could reopen the mine gates. The Vikings had made the map showing the way to King Solomon's mines on five engraved stone tablets divided amongst themselves. These were called the Golden Rune.

Over the next few centuries the 3rd, the 9th, the 12th and the 17th Phantom were involved in locating various parts of the Golden Rune with Bail, appearing in various guises, manipulating the events. Pirates of the Arctic The Garden of Death Count of the Darkness Cagliostro Mystery

Finally, the the 21st Phantom located the last part and the key in the Skull Cave itself. Bail hypnotised Guran making him nearly kill the Phantom and open the gates of the mines. At the last moment, however, the Phantom managed to throw the magical key into the fiery bottomless pit. Bail fell into the pit and was destroyed along with the key. Solomon's Mines


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 1: Pirates of the Arctic" Worker Leppänen First appearance
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 2: The Garden of Death" Worker Leppänen as Abil
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 3: Count of the Darkness" Worker Felmang, Waldrag as Alib
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 4: Cagliostro Mystery" Worker Cruz as Ib-Al
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 5: Solomon's Mines" Worker Lindahl as Father Liba