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Anandamela (in Bengali আনন্দমেলা)), an Indian publication, released a few comic books dedicated to the Phantom, besides publications in newspapers and magazines.


In 1992, Anandamela published one the Phantom special and it was a very informative issue that include one Gold Key story. In Pujabarshiki (Anandamela annuals) since 1994 to 2004 published ten Sunday stories in b/w and one Gold Key story in color. Except The Massacre and Kit and the Little People, all were printed in the landscape format. Unlike the regualr issues, these stories in annuals hadn't given title, expect one Gold Key story. In 2003 and 2004 they published 6 special issues - Jamjamat Aranyadev Comics (.i. e. "Exciting Phantom Comics") which included two Sunday stories.

Issue overview

"The Phantom" one-shot


Jamjamat Aranyadev Comics