Achmed Singh

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Achmed Singh
First appearance: "The Singh Brotherhood"
Created by: Lee Falk & Ray Moore

Achmed Singh (also spelled Ahmed Singh) is a powerfull member of the Singh Brotherhood and the nephew of its leader, Kabai Singh.

Fictional Biography

According to Lee Falk

The charming, but dangerous, Achmed Singh first appeared in New York as a prince from Java in the East Indies. Following Diana Palmer's priceless ambergis found somewhere on the bottom of the sea, he kidnaps her in order to get to know the exact location of it. However, she is temporarily freed by an unknown masked man, but Achmed is able to get her back, only to have her mysterious saviour returning. When he reveals himself as the archenemy of the Singh Brotherhood, known as The Ghost Who Walks and The Phantom, Achmed panics, and begs for mercy. The Phantom sends him off to the Singh underwater headquarter in Krakatan, to tell its leader, Achmed's uncle Kabai Singh, that he will be coming for them, and that the Brotherhood is doomed.

Arriving in Krakatan, Achmed reports to Kabai Singh, who is more than displeased with him. As The Phantom arrives at Krakatan, Kabai learns first-handed of his wrath. Eventually, the military is informed about the whereabouts of Krakatan, and bombs it, killing everyone in it - presumably Achmed as well. Only Kabai Singh survives and relocates to Mount Trepnich.

According to Team Fantomen

Ahmed, leader of one of the seven circles of the Singh Brotherhood, and his cousin Hahmad Singh were once regarded as the most likely successors to Kabai Singh. Obviously not having died in the destruction of Krakatan, a fight for power and leadership arise between Ahmed and Hahmad, following Sala's murdering of Kabai Singh. As a strategic move, Ahmed approaches Hahmad's younger brother, Dogai, proposing him to betray Hahmad. In return Ahmed promises to appoint Dogai his second-in-command, although secretly planning to have him killed as soon as Hahmad is out of the way.

However, Dogai is eventually able to defeat both of them, gassing Ahmed to death and incarcerating Hahmad, thereby gaining full control of the Brotherhood.

Behind the scenes

He is the first member of the Singh Brotherhood to appear in the Phantom Daily strips on March 10, 1936.


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Lee Falk stories

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"The Singh Brotherhood" Falk Moore first appearance

Team Fantomen stories

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"Dogai - The Road to Power" Reimerthi Lindahl

RGE stories

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"The Meeting with Diana" Falk Monteiro