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First appearance: "Yes"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Venus is the horse of Diana Palmer-Walker.

Fictional character biography

Venus, a mare, was presented to Diana when she once came to visit the Phantom. Yes

A total of four horses, all mares, were given to Diana. Besides Venus, there was Lady The Jungle Olympics, Tancred Prince Hali and the White Stallion and Heroine Chasamba.


Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Yes" Falk Barry

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Parasite" Lundström Vallvé assumed
"The First Phantom" Tierres Leppänen
"The Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari
"Diana's Crisis, Part 3: The Search for Diana" DePaul Felmang, Usam