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=== Phantom stories ===
=== Phantom stories ===
*"[[The Fire Goddess]]" by .
*"[[The Fire Goddess]]" by [[Lee Falk]] and [[Ray Moore]]
*"[[The Beachcomber]]" by
*"[[The Beachcomber]]" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore
*"[[The Saboteurs]]" by
*"[[The Saboteurs]]" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore
*"[[The First Phantom]]" by
*"[[The First Phantom]]" by Lee Falk and [[Sy Barry]]
*"[[The Wedding]]" by
*"[[The Wedding]]" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry
*"[[The Epidemic]]" by
*"[[The Epidemic]]" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry
*"[[The Lake Lady]]" by
*"[[The Lake Lady]]" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry
*"[[The Beasts of Madame Kahn]]" by
*"[[The Beasts of Madame Kahn]]" by
*"[[The Torch]]" by
*"[[The Torch]]" by [[Ben S. Parillo]] and [[Don Newton]]
*"[[Poisoned Dreams]]" by
*"[[Poisoned Dreams]]" by [[Idi Kharelli]] and [[Kari Leppänen]]
*"[[Hero's Death Sentence]]" by
*"[[Hero's Death Sentence]]" by [[Dai Darell]] and Kari Leppänen
*"[[The King is Dead]]" by
*"[[The King is Dead]]" by [[Norman Worker]] and Kari Leppänen
*"[[The Wolf is Coming]]" by
*"[[The Wolf is Coming]]" by [[Sverre Årnes]] and [[César Spadari]]
[[Category: Australian issues|Phantom 1032 (Frew), The]]
[[Category:Australian issues|Phantom 1032 (Frew), The]]

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The Phantom #1032
(#1060 actually printed since 1948)
Frew 1032.jpg
Cover artist:
Country/language: Mini australia.gif Australia / English
Format: 18 × 25.5 cm
Pages: 356 pgs, b/w
Publishing date:
Editor: Jim Shepherd
Publishing company: Frew Publications
Preceded by: The Phantom #1031
Followed by: The Phantom #1033


Phantom stories