The Nomad

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The Nomad
Start date: March 27th, 2011
End date: September 18th, 2011
# of strips: 26 pages
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan, Eduardo Barreto
Original colorist: Tom Smith, Andrea Barreto
Preceded by: "The Return of
Colonel Weeks
Followed by: "The Shadows of
Rune Noble

"The Nomad" is the 174th Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan and Eduardo Barreto.

Plot Summary

While the Phantom goes for The Python in Boomsby Prison, Mr. Eric Sahara is lucky at the roulette in a casino in Monaco. Eric Sahara is a billionaire and a lone-wolf terrorist as known as the Nomad. One of Python's men suddenly approaches him when he heads back for his room.

While the Phantom confronts the Python, one of Python's men has seeked up the Nomad to find a new leader since the Python clearly has not been able to lead his men from a prison cell. Their captured fighters give away their secrets easily.

The Nomad, being careful, tells him that if the Python really is gone forever, he could assume his mantle and eventually also be called "the great man", something that the Python's followers constantly refers him to. When finally being assured that the Phantom has taken the Python out, he agrees. First however, he instructs Python's man to get rid of a camera before entering an elevator, then he shoots the man so that no one will know how he looks.

Later, he arrives at his secret home, where no one knows his criminal identity of the Nomad, but merely as mr. Sahara.

The Phantom hears that the Nomad is about to take over the Python's old gang and visits the Python's prison to find out all he can about him. The Python is angered at the prospect of having the Nomad taking over his gang, envisioning a powerstruggle between them. The Python, however, tells tha Phantom that no one knows how the Nomad looks, that the guy seems to have many guises, and that it is rumored that the Nomad even has fought with the Python.

Meanwhile, the Nomad leaves his home and makes a hit against a mr. Rune Noble in Texas. after pretending a blow to Mr. Rune Noble, which is the obligation to make an appointment with the nomadic noble rune tells that in dozens of states have hired men to hunt the python, the nomadic rune tells noble to hire his team to execute murderers who blames the ghost free the piton, he says that in addition to noble anger with his team Bangalla.

Guran warns the the current Phantom that since the calls attacked dina notice that the words Bangalla and terror are together, Guran is interpreted as coming to Bangalla the nomadic hunting.

Eric Sahara and Rune Noble and assembled the team , but many decline, as the objective the The current Phantom, one of the members talk about the legend of the ghost of the man who can not die.

Finally the The current Phantom, as Walker admission tests Noble team and passes all tests. Noble said he personally was born to be on the team, talks about the job and if he wants to, the the current Phantom tells that if you then display the picture of him and he said when we started.

They head into the jungle, and as they are heading straight to the Wambesi village where the Python is imprisoned, the Phantom wonders whether the chase for the Phantom is a distraction to actually free the Python, or if they really are after the Phantom. En route, the Phantom decimates the group by surprising two of its members and stripping them of all their gear. Rune Noble then leaves them behind.

Finally they arrives at the Wambesi village and when Rune Noble shows a picture of the Phantom, their intentions is finally clear to the Phantom. However, since they think he is a terrorist, Rune Noble assumes that they hates the Phantom and declares that he wants to find and destroy him, asking for their help. The Wambesi immediately turns on them. By secretly revealing himself to the Wambesi as the Phantom through the use of his voice and rings the Phantom manages to calm the situation down and the Shadow team could leave in peace without realizing what actually happening. The Phantom has now got his final proof that they are exactly what they appear to be; a kill squad with the Phantom as their target.

To be continued


Recurring characters



Old jungle sayings

  • "The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears!"
  • "It is terror for an evil man to awake in darkness and see The Phantom!"


  • This story refers to events in the daily strip while they are happening there. It is also a continuation of the plot from "Chatu's Fate".


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini india.gif India

Mini Kenya.gif Kenya

Mini El Salvador.png El Salvador

  • "El Nómada", La Prensa Gráfica July 31, 2011 – January 15, 2012 - without the last week

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini rsa.gif South Africa

  • Rapport August 14, 2011 – February 5, 2012

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini turkey.gif Turkey

Mini usa.gif USA