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The Masked Emissary
Produced for: The Phantom #19
# of pgs: 9
Writer: Bill Harris, Lee Falk
Artist: Bill Lignante
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: King Comics

"The Masked Emissary" is a 1966 King Comics story written by Bill Harris, after an original script by Lee Falk, and with art by Bill Lignante.

Plot summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Colonel Nelson
  • The Chief of Wambesi




  • Luaga, Bababu, the Monkey Mail, Morristown, and Diana's U.N. job make their first appearances in a Gold Key/King story.
  • This is the last Lee Falk-based story to be published in the 1962-1977 American The Phantom (Gold Key/King/Charlton)' magazine.
  • This story differs on several points from the original Falk/Barry story; it is much shorter, basically only including the final showdown between Luaga and Bababu, and - maybe most notable - Luaga and Bababu is both Caucasian. Luaga is also referred to as "Luaga of Kelgo" by the jungle chiefs.

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