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=== [[Image:mini_usa.gif]] USA ===
=== [[Image:mini_usa.gif]] USA ===
*[[Mandrake the Magician 2|''Mandrake the Magician'' #3]] (1967)
*[[Mandrake the Magician 3|''Mandrake the Magician'' #3]] (1967)
=== [[Image:mini_sweden.gif]] Sweden===
=== [[Image:mini_sweden.gif]] Sweden===

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The Magic Ivory Cage
Produced for: Mandrake the Magician #3
# of pgs: 4
Writer: Bill Lignante
Artist: Bill Lignante
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: King Comics

"The Pirate Raiders" is a 1967 King Comics story by Bill Lignante.

Plot summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Potter
  • Sambani
  • Dardo of Wambesi




This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini usa.gif USA

Mini sweden.gif Sweden