The Demon God of Wasaka

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The Demon God of Wasaka
First appearance: "The First Phantom"
Created by: Lee Falk and Sy Barry

The Demon God of Wasaka was an idol worshipped by the Wasaka tribe in Bangalla. The look of the idol was the basis of the first Phantom costume.

According to Lee Falk

Falk has mentioned a demon called Kua in the Sunday story "The Lions of Kukhan", where the jungle people thought that a K at the side of some lions ment that they were sent by Kua. (They were in fact sent by Kukhan) This Kua has not in anyway been connected with the demon god of Wasaka.

According to Team Fantomen

The Demon God is known as Urzuk.

According to Moonstone

The Demon God is known as Kua.

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