The Bourbon Tax

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The Bourbon Tax
Produced for: Fantomen 2-3/2015
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Jens Hansegård
Artist: Heiner Bade
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Publishing AB

"The Bourbon Tax" is a 2015 Team Fantomen story, written by Jens Hansegård, with art by Heiner Bade.

Plot summary

In the autumn of 1811 the 14th Phantom arrives in Brussels to meet an old friend from school, Alphonse. Alphonse has written a letter to him, explaining that he has discovered something that will make him rich. The Phantom arrives to attend Alphonses's funeral, who has apparantly died following a duel. Standing at a distance, a mysterious young woman is also watching the funeral and the Phantom decides to follow her when she leave. At her home she presents herself as Alphonses's lover and that she knows that Alphonse sent a letter to his friend Mr Walker, asking for help.

She explains that Alphonse died in a duel with Michel Pouvoir, member of the French secret police, since his gun was loaded without a bullet. The secret police also knew that Alphonse had discovered something. As the Phantom and Madame d'Orgueille look at Alphonses's letter, they discover that a map is visible when the letter is held against the light. The map shows where a large treasure belonging to the French royal family Bourbon is hidden.

Madame d'Orgueille leaves her apartment to find the address of Michel Pouvoir, leaving the Phantom waiting. When French gendarmerie arrive, he realizes that she had sent for them. At the gendarmerie HQ he is interrogated by Michel Pouvoir who already knows that Alphonse had sent a map to him. The Phantom knocks him down and leaves the gendarmerie dressed in Pouvoir's clothes.

According to the map the treasure is hidden in the abandonded abbey of Orval. At the cemetary of the abbey the Phantom and madame d'Orgueille meet again; she explaining that she serves the French royal house. The Phantom is shot down and left for dead, while madame d'Orguielle and her men discover the treasure and bring it to Antwerp. When the Phantom wakes up his friend Alphonse unexpectedly shows up, very much alive.

In Antwerp the Phantom sneaks aboard the ship which madame d'Orgueille and her men use to transport the treasure. The Phantom ties her up but an oil lamp is accidentaly knocked down and sets fire to the ship. Madame d'Orgueille and the treasue disappear when the ship is set ablaze. The Phantom and the sailors manage to escape from the burning wreck.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Alphonse
  • Madame D'Orgueille
  • Michel Pouvoir
  • Doctor
  • Renard
  • Roger
  • Jean-Marie
  • Jacques, gendarme

Real-life characters


  • Belgium (as part of France)
    • Brussels
    • Antwerp
    • Orval Abbey


  • French secret police

Behind the scenes

  • The Swedish word "skatt" has been mistranslated in the Australian reprint as "tax" instead of "treasure".


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini sweden.gif Sweden