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|1st=[[The Phantom 20 (King)|''The Phantom'' #20]]
|1st=[[The Phantom 20 (King)|''The Phantom'' #20]]
|Pages= 13
|Pages= 13
|Writer= [[Bill Harris]], [[Lee Falk]]
|Writer= [[Pat Fortunato]]
|Artist= [[Bill Lignante]]
|Artist= [[Bill Lignante]]
|Producer=[[King Comics (publisher)|King Comics]]
|Producer=[[King Comics (publisher)|King Comics]]
'''"The Adventures of the Girl Phantom"''' is a 1967 [[King Comics story]] written by [[Bill Harris]], after an original script by [[Lee Falk]], and with art by [[Bill Lignante]].
'''"The Adventures of the Girl Phantom"''' is a 1967 [[King Comics story]] written by [[Pat Fortunato]], and with art by [[Bill Lignante]].
==Plot summary==
==Plot summary==

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The Adventures of the Girl Phantom
Produced for: The Phantom #20
# of pgs: 13
Writer: Pat Fortunato
Artist: Bill Lignante
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: King Comics

"The Adventures of the Girl Phantom" is a 1967 King Comics story written by Pat Fortunato, and with art by Bill Lignante.

Plot summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Dod Lamont
  • Chigger
  • Dolts




  • Julie makes her first appearance in the Gold Key/King/Charlton series of Phantom comics. In The Phantom #20, responding to a letter from a reader, the editor claims that a new series of Phantom comics magazines, focusing on Julie, was planned for a 1967 premiere. These plans were obviously dumped, since no such series was released. Julie did however appear in more King produced comics, together with her pet leopard Fury, making Fury the first recurring character created for the US Phantom magazine.
  • This story, and all following King stories featuring Julie, omits to specify which Phantom is Julie's brother, referred to as Kit.


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