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Miss Tagama
First appearance: "Rex King"
Created by: Lee Falk and Sy Barry

Miss Tagama is the longtime schoolteacher of Rex and Tom-Tom, who later later on came to teach Kit and Heloise as well. She came to marry president Lamanda Luaga in the 1995 Sunday story "Battle of the Jungle Boys". However - in post-Falk dailies and Sunday stories, as well as Team Fantomen stories, Luaga still appears to be single.

Behind the Scenes

Miss Tagama's name has changed several times over the years. In her first appearance in "Rex King" she was unnamed. In "The Frame-Up" she was referred to as Miss Longa, but from the story "Yes" and onwars she was called Miss Tagama (although at first her name was spelled Miss Tagam). In "T" Miss Tagama's first name is given as Tara, in "Battle of the Jungle Boys" as Taru, and in "The Kidnappers", she is first called Tanya and later on Tania.

Notable Appearances

Daily and Sunday stories

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