Stora jubileumsboken

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Stora jubileumsboken
Fantomen stora jubileumsboken.jpg
Cover artist: Jaime Vallvé
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Format: 23cm x 31 cm, both in
hardcover and softcover
Pages: 144 pgs, b/w &
full colour
Publishing date: 1975
Editor: Ulf Granberg
Publishing company: Semic Press
Preceded by: none
Followed by: none
ISBN 91-552-0244-6 (softcover)
ISBN 91-552-0245-4 (hardcover)

Stora Jubileumsboken is a Swedish album published in 1975 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Swedish Fantomen comic book. It was published both as a hardcover and a softcover book. Besides the comics, the book includes biographies of Lee Falk, Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry.


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