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Editora Saber was a Brazilian publisher of comics.


From January 1969 to December 1975, Saber published a series of black and white Phantom comics simultaneously with RGE Fantasma magazine - apparently RGE did not have exclusive Brazilian rights to the character. The series started as a biannual and then settled into a monthly schedule from #3 in March 1970. From #35 in January 1973, the series reverted to a bimonthly release, then changed to a biannual for the last two issues in June 1975 (#47) and December 1975 (#48). Covers for these issues were usually a montage of panels from the original strips, although some artists were given credit for their original contributions: Edú, Sérgio Reis, and Fabio.

A second edition of this series was reprinted between October 1993 and August 1998. They were smaller than the first edition but contained more pages. A total of 43 issues were produced in the second edition. The stories were all the same as in the first edition, except for #41 and #43 which contained new daily stories.

Interspersed with their O Fantasma comic book, Saber released occasional extra editions, with double the usual number of pages and containing two or three stories each, and at least two issues titled "O Fantasma Extra Seleção".

In 1996, Saber reprinted three Marvel issues color miniseries. A second edition was also published in July 2000, with another name "Almanaque Especial do Fantasma".

New color series started in August 1997, and only one issue contained a Phantom story - "Prince Rex of Baronkhan".

Phantom publications published by Saber

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
O Fantasma (Saber) 1969-1975 48
O Fantasma Edição Extra 1971-1975 9
O Fantasma Extra Seleção 1971-1972 2
Fantasma - Edição Histórica 1993-1998 43
Fantasma (Saber - Marvel) 1996 3
Almanaque do Fantasma (Saber) 1997 3

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
Fantasma Especial 1 (Saber) 1997
Almanaque Especial do Fantasma 2000