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Race Against Death
Julie Moonstone.jpg
Produced for: The Phantom: Julie Walker
# of pgs: 31
Writer: Elizabeth Massie, Rafael Nieves
Artist: Paul Daly
Original colorist: Stephen Downer
Producer: Moonstone

" A Race Against Death" is a 2010 Moonstone story, written by Elizabeth Massie and Rafael Nieves, with art by Paul Daly.

Plot summary

Julie and her brother are visiting their friend Nellie Bly before her planed solo around-the-world trip. As they dine with her in a high society restaurant, the 17th Phantom notices some men looking in their direction with anger in their eyes. Excusing himself, the Phantom investigates to discover that the men are plotting Nellie's downfall because newspaper articles she wrote are hurting their business and reputations. They plan to make the murder look like an accident during Nellie's trip.

After Nellie sets off on the first leg of her journey, the Phantom tells Julie what he has overheard. Delaying their return to Africa, the Phantom makes his way to the ship Nellie is on with plans of protecting her. While he is successful in this, he is also badly wounded and thus is confined to hospital. Knowing that Nellie still needs protection, Julie decided to once again take up the mantle of The Phantom to help her friend.

Bribing the owner of a small boat, Julie sails out to Nellie's ship and stowes aboard, hiding in the shadows and watching Nellie from afar to ensure her safety. She does this as Nellie travels to England, France, Port Said in the Red Sea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and finally back to America. During the trip Julie foils many plots against Nellie, including one to blow up the ship Nellie is on, saving all the other passengers in the process.

After landing in San Francisco, Nellie plans to take a train to California for the final leg of the journey. During the trip business man Randolph Locke reveals himself to have been behind the attempts of Nellie's life as he tried to murder her himself. Julie is able to stop him and Nellie arrives safely at her destination and forever goes down in history as one of the world's greatest women.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Nellie Bly
  • Randolph Locke

Real-life characters



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