Phantom by Gaslight Chapter 0: Sense and Invincibility

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Phantom by Gaslight
Chapter 0: Sense and Invincibility
1st publication: Supanova
Event Programme
# of pages: 6
Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: Jason Paulos
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Frew
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: "Chapter 1:
A Study in Violet

Plot summary

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Recurring Characters

Real-life characters


  • United Kingdom
    • London
      • "The Violet Man" inn

Behind the scenes

  • The story takes place in 1888, and although it is a prequel to the Phantom by Gaslight series it is set later than Chapter 1.
  • On the wall of "The Violet Man" inn, there is a painting which actually is one of the 99.94 Editions prints. It's the 15th Phantom and his opera singer wife, as portrayed by Rosemary Valadon.


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