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Image:Mika Mis 360.jpg|<div align=center>Regular cover</div>
Image:Mika Mis 360.jpg|<div align=center>Regular cover</div>
Image:Mika Mis 360 variant.jpg|<div align=center>Variant cover</div>
Image:Mika Mis 360 subscriber.jpg|<div align=center>Subscriber cover</div>
[[Category:Mika Miš issues|Mika Miš 360]]
[[Category:Mika Miš issues|Mika Miš 360]]

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Mika Miš #360
Mika Mis 360.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini kingdomyugoslavia.png Yugoslavia /
Format: 21 × 29 cm
Pages: 20 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: November 19, 1939
Editor: Svetislav B. Lazić
Publishing company: Aleksandar J. Ivković
Preceded by: Mika Miš #359
Followed by: Mika Miš #361

Mika Miš #360 was a regular issue of the Yugoslavian comic magazine Mika Miš, published in 1939.


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Cover variants

This issue was printed with the following cover variants: