Albi Economici Nerbini

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Albi Economici Nerbini was a Italian comic book dedicated to the Phantom and Mandrake published by Casa Editrice Nerbini in 1949.


Although the issues from the Albi Economici Nerbini series were numbered from #1 to 16 it was split into two series:

  • Uomo Mascherato from #1 to 3, from #7 to 9 and from #10 to 12.
  • Mandrake from #4 to 6 and from #13 to 16.

The format of the Albi Economici Nerbini was 21.4 cm x 8.5 cm and 36 pages, one strip per page in b/w.

Issue overview

Regular series

The stories were previously published in the "Mistero" series.