Walter Lazlo

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Walter Lazlo
Walter Lazlo.jpg
First appearance: "The Drug Farm"
Created by: Donne Avenell &
Carlos Cruz

Walter Lazlo is a drug dealer based in Morristown.

Fictional Character Biography

Walter Lazlo was a well known financier in Morristown. He was married to Laura and has a stepson Nick Lazlo who used to be the leader of local teenage gang "The Apaches". He was an abusive husband and father and consequently Laura left him and Nick went to USA for studies. When the Phantom, with Nick's help, apprehends the Bengali - USA drug smuggling ring it turns out that Walter was actually the kingpin of this criminal gang. Walter is arrested and sent to jail.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Drug Farm" Avenell Cruz First appearance
"The Death Dealers" Avenell Cruz