Vhatta Khan

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Vhatta Khan
Vhatta Khan.jpg
First appearance: "The Fourth Son"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Vhatta Khan is the wife of a past Phantom.

Fictional Character Biography

According to the newspaper strip

Vhatta Khan was the daughter of the mongol ruler Jhatun Khan of Vhatun Dhatun, who began slave raids in the jungle. In 1726, the 8th Phantom travelled to Khan's palace to make him stop, but was shot in the back with an arrow by one of Khan's guards. The 8th made it back to the Skull Cave but died shortly after. His youngest son Kit-Four then travelled to Vhatun Dhatun, where he fought and defeated Khan's 6-foot tall daughter, the 18-year old warrior princess Vhatta Khan. Vhatta followed Kit-Four to the Deep Woods, where he became the 9th Phantom. They were going to be married by the Council of Chiefs, when Jhatun Khan appeared, only to give them his blessing and wed them himself. The Fourth Son


Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Fourth Son" Falk Barry 1726