The leather hood

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The leather hood
The leather hood.jpg
First appearance: "The Hood"
Created by: Claes Reimerthi &
Joan Boix

The leather hood is an executioner's hood made of leather. It is kept in the Major Treasure Room.

Fictional History

In 1781, the 12th Phantom had gone to visit his father-in-law Lord Charles Trelawney at Pendragon House near Portcullen, Cornwall, England. At Portcullen he got involved in an incident involving the local criminal mastermind called The Leatherhood who used to wear this executioner's leather mask. The Leatherhood, who turned out to be Doctor Phelps, was finally apprehended by the Phantom. The leather hood is a memento of this adventure of the 12th Phantom.


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Hood" Reimerthi Boix