The Well of Time

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The Well of Time
Produced for: Fantomen 1/1999
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Terrence Longstreet
Artist: Joan Boix
Original colorist: Times Graphics Singapore
Producer: Egmont Serieförlaget

"The Well of Time" is a 1999 Team Fantomen story written by Terrence Longstreet, with art by Joan Boix.

Plot summary

Bettie Murray, a young American archaeologist has disappeared in the jungles of Mexico and The Phantom travels there in order to save her. Before disappearing she believed that she had found clues to a large Mayan treasure. Her expedition is attacked by shady arts dealer Slim Gonzales and his men who intends to keep the treasure to themselves.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Carl Harrison, Bettie's fiancee
  • Slim Gonzales, art dealer
  • Ernesto
  • Mike
  • Scotty Brennan, pilot
  • Ivan Alvarez, dealer in antiquities
  • Professor of archaeology
  • Constanze
  • Rodriguez
  • Juan
  • Raimundo



  • Old Clementine, a seaplane


  • Good mark necklace

Old jungle sayings

  • When the Phantom moves, lightning stands still.

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