The Unknown Commander, Part 2

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The Unknown Commander, Part 2
The Unknown Commander, Part 2.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 19/1980
# of pgs: 33
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"The Unknown Commander, Part 2" is a 1980 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot summary

The 15th Phantom finds out that the jungle chiefs has heard the rumor that he is dead and then makes an appearance to them, affirming that he still is alive. He then asks them for help to find Chandra Sykharn, the man who murdered the 14th Phantom.

The jungle tribes find out that he has went to the Misty Mountains and his country. There, Chandra Sykharn meets Kulai Singh and is put up to be hanged, by ensuring his loyalty and claiming to have killed the Phantom, he is taken down from the rope. Chandra Sykharn is then sent to the Skull Cave to bring back the legendary Phantom Treasure.

The 15th Phantom easily stops Chandra Sykharn's pitiful attempt to steal his treasure with the help of the tribes of the jungle. Chandra Sykharn is sent back to Kulai with a message from the 15th Phantom where he challanges Kulai on a duel.

The 15th Phantom then makes the plans for a reorganization of the Jungle Patrol, where the most drastic change should be that the Commander from now on would be unknown to the patrolmen. The 15th Phantom has realized that it was the weak point of the old patrol, since the Singh pirates could know that the commander was gone.

At the ruins of the old Jungle Patrol Headquarters, the horse of the Commander is suddenly seen. The horse is caught and it turns out that it has instructions of what the Patrol would now do; they shall immediately march to Moribar and recruit some new people, they shall also require some new uniforms and new equipment, the new colonel shall be major Wild.

The patrolmen immediately follow the orders.

While the patrolmen are in Moribar, the new Headquarter is built by the prisoners that the Phantom took from the failed attempt to steal his treasure. Shortly before the Jungle Patrol comes back. The prisoners informed that they have been given a kind of pardon; they will be given some money and a transport to Moribar and if they could remain decent, the Phantom will not touch them, but if they go back to piracy and other illegal activities, they will not be pardoned.

The new Jungle Patrol are happily surprised to discover that the Headquarters has been rebuilt, though they are intrigued that the Commander remain secret. Colonel Wild only finds a short note from the Commander at the office of the Commander.

The 15th Phantom then come to watch a nice ceremony when the flag is hailed at the new Headquarter.

Colonel Wild is informed from a note from the Commander at the office of the Commander that if there are no more instructions by tomorrow, he would take this letter as a proof that he now is the Commander.

The 15th Phantom then goes on to the valley where he as made an appointment with Kulai Singh. He does not see Kulai but suspects that he sees him so he travels towards the Headquarters and go down the well and into his office through the floor of a wardrobe. He then waits at his office that Kulai shall appear. Finally, Kulai comes with a big cat and a fight starts. The Phantom kills the cat and manages to overcome Kulai.

At the morning, colonel Wild finds Kulai Singh as a prisoner at the office of the Commander and also some new instructions; the room shall from now on never have any furniture, the messages to the Commander shall be put on the floor of the wardrobe, and that the abscence of the Commander from now on shall be held secret.

The 21st Phantom notices that even though colonel Wild might have his suspiscions, he never said anything and always kept the secret, even when the wardrobe was replaced with a safe.

Colonel Wild meets the Phantom one last time when heading back through the jungle towards Moribar/Morristown and observes that the Phantom is still alive. The Phantom had come to say one last good bye and by that, the last one who knew the secret of the unkown commander was leaving history.


Recurring characters

One-time Characters

  • Ogoola




Old jungle sayings

  • The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears.

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