The Tree House

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The Tree House
Tree house.jpg
First appearance: "The Tree House"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

The Tree House is one of the homes of the Phantom.


It is located in trees at the outskirts of the jungle and at 15 minutes driving distance to Mawitaan.


According to Lee Falk

Usually, the Phantom's family has historically lived in the Skull Cave, however, when Diana became head of Bangalla department of the UN, she needed to live at driving distance from her office. The Phantom then contacted the Rope People and made them build the house as a secret present to her. When Diana arrived, she was first confused with the Phantom's mysterious behavior, but when she saw the house, she immediately fell in love with it. The Tree House

According to Team Fantomen

Everything went as described above, though when the twins got older and Rex left for Baronkhan, the house was deserted.


Room Comment
The Phantom's bedroom Copied from the Skull Cave.
Twins' bedroom
Personnel quarters For the Bandars stationed there; two nurses and their husbands.
Rex' room Located in one of the towers
The Radio Control Room
Kitchen Diana's