The Titans

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The Titans
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First appearance: "Death in Cyberspace"
Created by: Hans Lindahl

The Titans was a group of criminal computer experts.

Fictional Character Biography

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According to Team Fantomen

The Titans, a group of criminal computer experts, developed a cyber virtual platform game called Olympus to control cyber space in order to terrorize the world and blackmail the countries to pay millions so as not to sabotage their computer networks.

Originally there were six Titans including Professor Protherew, Sabel Q, Peder Waldstein, Daryl and Wo. Professor Protherew was actually an agent of an unnamed country and worked successfully to destroy the Olympus. Sabel Q and Daryl died in confrontations with the Phantom in the cybergame. Peder Waldstein killed Wo and the sixth unnamed Titan in cyberworld before he himself was killed by criminals working for a Mafia chief called Mr. Altoona.

Blaze Unduula tried to take over Olympus but failed.

Professor Pogo Keillor temporarily became a member of the Titans unaware of the criminal nature of the group. The Titans tried to kill him but he was saved by the Phantom.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Death in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl First appearance
"Lost in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
"Duel in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
"Chaos in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl