The Stevens family

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The Stevens family
First appearance: "Return of the Irregulars"
Created by: Özcan Eralp

The Stevens family was an influential and rich family that were often involved in crime.


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Title Writer Artist Comments
"Return of the Irregulars" Falk Eralp Mister Stevens
"The Secret of the Plantation" Lundström Wilhelmsson Director Stevens, Stevens plantation
"The Dead River" Knutsson Vallvé Minister Stevens, Stevens factory
"The Secret of the Coal Mine" Lundström Eralp Steve N Stevens, Stevens mine
"Secret of the Swamp" Lundström Vallvé Stevens mine
"Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé Stevens mine
"The Last Assignment" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp Stevens mine
"Blood Rain" Eriksson Velluto, Bade, Saviuk, Boix,
Leppänen, Pedrazzini, Spadari, Ruiz
mentioned, Stevens recycling plant