The Queen of Saba

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The Queen of Saba
The Queen of Saba.jpg
Produced for: The Phantom's World
# of pgs: 51
Writer: Felmang
Artist: Felmang
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Frew

"Queen of Saba" is a 2018 Frew story, written by Felmang, with art also by Felmang.

Plot summary

The Phantom receives a letter from his old friend Dr. Birdie asking him to come to Cairo. The Phantom, of course, agrees to this request and meets Dr. Birdie in a hotel where it is revealed that Birdie's brother was to fly in an air race. He was offered a bribe to lose the race but refused and was put in hospital for his trouble. Birdie asks the Phantom to take his brother's place, which he agrees to do. However, the villains behind the plot are able to smuggle a venomous snake into the Phantoms plane which bites him during the flight, causing him to crash.

Due to being knocked out by the crash and still suffering the effects of the snake's bite, the Phantom has lost all memory of who he is. As he wanders through the Egyptian desert looking for help, he is spotted by some Amazon-like warriors. They attack the Phantom, again knocking him out and taking him back to their kingdom and their Queen.

The Amazons put the captured Phantom in the castle cells and informs their Queen, Balkis, about him. Balkis wishes to meet him immediately. As with most women, Balkis instantly falls for the handsome stranger in purple, and offers that he become her bodyguard. At first the Phantom refuses Balkis' offer and so she sends him to become a gladiator under the tutelage of Ursus. However, she tells Ursus to take it easy on the Phantom as she is fond of him. All this does is cause Ursus to hate the Phantom as Ursus loves Balkis himself.

After much training, the Phantom finally fights in a gladiatorial battle, defeating all who come against him. Balkis then puts the Phantom in a chariot race, which he also wins. Eventually, she has him fight her champion, a minotaur. It seems that the Phantom may have met his match, but as Balkis watches the fight she can not bear to see the Phantom lose and so slays the minotaur with a bow and arrow. Thankful to her for rescuing him, and finally admitting that he loves her too, the Phantom agrees to become Balkis' bodyguard. This angers Ursus who feels it is he who should be Balkis' bodyguard as he had given her years of loyal service and he, too, loves her. Ursus attacks the Phantom to prove his worth, but the Phantom easily defeats him.

Jealous at his humiliation in front of Balkis, Ursus attempts to kill the Phantom, but only manages to knock him out. He then bursts into Balkis' chambers and tries to force her to come with him, but Balkis' pet leopard attacks, killing Ursus. Balkis runs through her castle looking for the Phantom and finds him unconscious on the floor. As she cradles his head in her hands, the story shifts back to the site of the plane crash from earlier...

We see that the Phantom is still laying in the desert near the crash sight, suggesting that everything we have witnessed has been a hallucination. Eventually, a caravan of travellers finds the unconscious hero and decide to take him with them to a doctor they know. The caravan's leader is a beautiful woman who looks exactly like Balkis, yet her name is Sherazad.


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