The Poisoned Land

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The Poisoned Land
The Poisoned Land.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 14-15/2012
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Falco Pellerin
Artist: César Spadari
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"The Poisoned Land" is a 2012 Team Fantomen story, written by Falco Pellerin, with art by César Spadari.

Plot summary

The Phantom is visiting the Onawey village who have to suffer earthquakes and poisoned wells. Suddenly an exhausted elderly man in a gray suit walks into the village. He tells them that he works for the crooked Coke Oil, then is shot in the back. A man in a cowboy hat drive off in a jeep and another earthquake stop the Phantom from catching him.

The Phantom visit Morristown Library to learn about fracking, the technique to extract oil by using hydralic pressure. When he visits the Coke Oil plant, he receive the cold shoulder and the man in the cowboy hat, Smith, tell him to leave. When the Phantom break into the plant at night, he is captured by Smith and security staff and thrown into a snake pit.

After getting out of the snake pit, he search the plant for evidence and call the Jungle Patrol. In the final showdown, Armstrong Smith is operating a hydralic pump to run the Phantom over. In a sudden earthquake, Smith is crushed to death by the hydralic pump.


Recurring characters

One-time characters





  • Clarion

Old Jungle Sayings

  • When the Phantom moves, lightning stands still.

Behind the scenes

  • When this story was published in Scandinavia, Diana's hair was cut short as this story takes place after her head was shaved when she was imprisoned in Rodia.
  • When this story was published in Australia, Diana's hair was long.


This story has been published in the following publications:

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