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The Phantom has been featured in several publications in the Netherlands, but there has never been a regular Phantom publication. Unlike Tarzan, Perry Winkle,Spider-Man, Batman, Beetle Bailey, Superman, Doc Savage, Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck, but just like Captain America and Archie Andrews, the Phantom never had great success in the Netherlands.

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
De Fantoom 1965-1967 2
Phantom 1978 2
Fantoom 1982-1983 2
Fantoom 1984 2

In addition, the German series Phantom magazine, Phantom Spezial and Phantom Pocket were also distributed and sold in The Netherlands.

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
Fantoom 1967

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Stripturf - 21 wereldberoemde stripverhalen 1973

In Anthology Style Comics

Title Issue(s)
Pep 50/1966 - 8/1967
Stripkoerier 1977-1978 (21 in total)
Campus 1 - 3/1982 & TPB 1-5 (5 + 1 in total)

In magazines

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Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
Heintje various 1967-1969
Heintje jeugdkrant Fratelli Spada 1969