The Phantom Gladiator, Part 2

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The Phantom Gladiator, Part 2
Produced for: Fantomen 16/2009
# of pgs: 37
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Kari Leppänen
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"The Phantom Gladiator, Part 2" is a 2009 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Kari Leppänen.

Plot summary

After saving his daughter's life, Cernwulf the Walker lives in Rome with the senator Publius Crustinus. His enemy Gallus Caecena is using his mother's influence to make a political career. Cernwulf has promised himself to do everything to get his revenge on Gallus Caecena. The Celtic ring that Gallus Caecena stole from Cernwulf he has presented to emperor Nero. The emperor sends informers to Britannia to learn more about the ring.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Nymphidius Sabinus
  • Gallus Caecena
  • Valpurgia (Gallus Caecena's mother)
  • Publius Crustinus, senator
  • Clodia, Publius Crustinus' daughter
  • Serifanus
  • Diocles

Real-life characters


  • France
  • Rome
    • Ostia
    • Naples
    • Circus Maximus

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