The Phantom Blockbuster Visa Bonus Box

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The Phantom Blockbuster Visa Bonus Box was given away as a premium when Blockbuster Video Stores began rentals of the 1996 Phantom movie. The box and its contents were given to customers who rented at least three videos at one time.

The box features a unique, never-before-seen Phantom comic strip around the sides of the box, "Mystery Of The Llonga's Treasure" created especially for the giveaway.

The box includes:

  • two metal Phantom skull rings
  • five temporary tattoos
  • two pin-back buttons promoting rental of the Phantom movie
  • a Phantom Gummy Candy bag
  • a special offers packet that includes a Blockbuster Visa credit card brochure
  • an AOL diskette
  • a Cheer laundry detergent brochure
  • a movie rental offer
  • a personalized envelope offer

The box is 7 inch × 6 inch × 5¾ inch.