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In the year 1995, a total of 31 issues of Australian comic book The Phantom were published.


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Cover gallery


Phantom stories

Previously unpublished Newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1096 "Phantom World" Falk Barry, Olesen, Doescher
1117 "Buried Treasure" Falk Olesen, Williams
1123 "Battle of the Jungle Boys" Falk Doescher, Olesen, Fredericks
1123 "The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak" Falk Olesen, Williams

Previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1096 "The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
1097 "The Triads, Part 2: The Five Thunderbolts" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho
1098 "The Triads, Part 3: The Tiger Queen" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
1099 "The Triads, Part 4: Death in Shanghai" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
1100 "The Triads, Part 5: At the End of the Road" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
1102 "Caught in the Crossfire" Reimerthi Cruz
1103 "The Ghost of HMS Atropos" Worker Felmang, Waldrag, Ferri
1104 "The Murder Rap" Moberg Bade
1105 "The Count of Bengali" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny, Usam
1107 "The Bird Man of Bengali" Goodall Cruz
1109 "The Mummy's Curse" Lundström Vallvé
1110 "Thief on Board" Avenell Felmang, Ferri
1111 "The Secret Agent" Reimerthi Cruz
1112 "The Wreck in Bengali Bay" Avenell Felmang, Ferri
1113 "Wambalu the Witchman" Schröder Spadari
1114 "Assignment in Riga" Moberg Felmang, Usam
1115 "Death from Radiation" Moberg Thunborg
1116 "The Crown Prince Mystery" DePaul Lindahl
1118 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
1119 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
1120 "The Set Up, Part 1" Moberg Lindahl
1120 "The Set Up, Part 2" Moberg Lindahl
1121 "The Golden Falcon" Worker Leppänen
1122 "Revenge of the Pirate Queen" Worker Spadari
1124 "Jungle Bait" Moberg Thunborg

Previously published Newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1094 "The Mysterious Passenger" Falk McCoy
1094 "A Proper Husband" Falk McCoy
1094 "The Wisdom of Solomon" Falk McCoy
1094 "The Valley of No Return" Falk McCoy
1094 "The Veiled Lady" Falk Barry
1094 "Rex King" Falk Barry
1094 "The Rogue Elephant" Falk Barry
1094 "Strangers at Keela-Wee" Falk Barry
1094 "Rex and the Trophy Hunters" Falk Barry
1094 "The Sky Divers" Falk Barry
1094 "Rex and the Little People" Falk Barry
1094 "The Pampered Princess" Falk Barry
1094 "The Return of General Bababu" Falk Barry
1095 "The Curse of the Sacred Image" Falk Barry
1101 "The Mysterious Ambassador" Falk Barry
1101 "The Poachers" Falk Barry
1101 "The Tree House" Falk Barry
1106 "Gooroo's Jungle Muggers" Falk Barry
1108 "The Art Thieves" Falk Barry
1108 "The Imaginary Playmate" Falk McCoy
1108 "Little Girl" Falk Barry
1108 "The Return of Gooroo's Mob" Falk Barry
1117 "Madcap Miriam" Falk McCoy
1117 "The Underwater Diamond Thieves" Falk McCoy
1123 "Pirate Day" Falk McCoy
1123 "The Jungle Patrol" Falk McCoy