The Misty Mountains

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The Misty Mountains (also known as The Misty Range and The Highlands) is region with many small countries, most of which are ruled by tyrants. Most well known are perhaps Baronkhan and its neighbor Shambad.

Created for daily and Sunday stories

Created by Lee Falk

The last column notes appearances in Team Fantomen stories.

# Name Ruler(s) First appearance Other publishers
Year Story Team Fantomen
 ? Karola Queen Pera 1945 "Queen Pera the Perfect" Yes
 ? Trondelay Queen Asta 1946 "Queen Asta of Trondelay" Yes
 ? Pathia King Pater 1949 "The Flirtatious Princess" -
 ? the country of Prince Hirk Prince Hirk 1951 "Tale of Devil" -
 ? the country of Prince Hakon Prince Hakon 1953 "The Chain" -
 ? the country of Prince Ragon Prince Ragon 1954 "Ragon's Game" -
 ? the country of Prince Tagon Prince Tagon 1955 "The Slimming of Prince Tagon" -
 ? the country of Princess Meline Princess Meline 1955 "The Slimming of Prince Tagon" -
 ? the country of Prince Orq Prince Orq 1957 "A Lesson for Prince Orq" -
 ? Corba Prince Corban 1957 "The Crown Jewels of Corba" -
 ? the country of Prince Bey Prince Bey 1960 "The 50th Wife" -
 ? the country of Prince Nebuch Prince Nebuch 1961 "The Werewolf" -
 ? the country of Queen Samaris Queen Samaris 1961 "Queen Samaris XII" Yes
 ? the country of Prince Hali Prince Hali 1965 "Prince Hali and the White Stallion" -
 ? the country of Prince Kukhan Prince Kukhan 1967 "The Lions of Kukhan" -
 ? the country of Prince Charl Prince Charl (the Cheap) 1969 "The Hijackers" -
 ? Grigoria Prince Grigor 1974 "The Pampered Princess" Yes
 ? the country of Prince Tirana Prince Tirana 1977 "The Wedding of the Phantom" -
 ? the country of Prince Coran Prince Coran 1977 "The Wedding of the Phantom" -
 ? the country of Prince Molanda Prince Molanda 1977 "The Wedding of the Phantom" -
 ? the country of Prince Agorda Prince Agorda 1979 "The Return of General Bababu" -
 ? Buzanta Prince Buzabal 1980 "Crook's Haven" -
 ? Baronkhan Prince Harak
The Old Prince of Baronkhan
Prince Rex
1982 "Tale of Rex" Yes
 ? Shardana (previously Shambad and Sharana) Princess Alicia 1989 "Rex: Prince of Baronkhan" Yes

Created post-Falk

# Name Ruler(s) First appearance Other publishers
Year Story Team Fantomen
 ? Dharmistan Prince Tandor
Prince Bakhmet
2001 "The Lion's Head Tamarine" Yes
 ? Avaria The Khagan of Avaria 2009 "The Lost Kingdom of Avaria" Yes

Created by Team Fantomen

# Name Ruler(s) First appearance
Year Story
 ? Auranga The Prince of Auranga 1964 "The Fatal Hunt"
 ? the country of Prince Qor Prince Qor 1965 "The Hunt for the Phantom"
(remake of "A Lesson for Prince Orq")
 ? Jobair Emir Ziniman El Zini 1972 "The Generals' Hunt"
(remake of "The Flirtatious Princess")
 ? Kamir unknown (could also be part of Bengali near the Misty Mountains) 1973 "The Plague"
 ? Jamadan Jamal Pascha Khan
Ahmed Pascha Khan
Asad Pascha Khan
1973 "Portrait of a Ghost"
 ? Srirara the Prince of Srirara 1975 "Laurann's Wedding"
 ? Marabar Prince Dowlah 1977 "The Kali Sect"
 ? the Golden Kingdom the Great Khan
Gino Umberto
1978 "The Great Race"
 ? the country of Toby Smith the old tyrant
Toby Smith
1979 "Llongo's Amulet"
 ? the country of Chandra Sykharn Chandra Sykharn 1980 "The Unknown Commander, Part 1"
 ? Sirocco Prince Hassan 1980 "The Mysterious Murders"
 ?  ? Prince Buljhi 1983 "The Whispering Statue"
 ? Bariraya General Acharra
Prince Eram
1983 "The Ghost Comet"
 ? the country of King Sala Khan King Sala Khan
Princess Kismet
1983 "The Master Magician"
 ? the country of King Hassan King Hassan 1985 "Patrolman Mary"
 ? the country of Prince Peregrine Farok Prince Peregrine Farok 1986 "The Cloud Pirates"
 ? the country of Count Djubal Count Djubal
Count Djubal's descendant
The descendant's brother
1987 "Diamond Fever"
 ? the country of Prince Hassan Prince Hassan 1988 "The Monster"
 ? the Kingdom of the Amazons Prince Zarga
1991 "Kingdom of the Amazons"
 ? the country of Prince Kalil Jawad Prince Kalil Jawad 1996 "The Strength of Ten Tigers"
 ? Muratkhan Pince Mehmet 2018 "The Man with Six Fingers"

Created by Fratelli Spada

# Name Ruler(s) First appearance
Year Story
 ? Toombar  ? 1970 "The Diamond from Kolahoore"
(only set in Toombar in edited Team Fantomen version, originally set in India)