The Mark of Death

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The Mark of Death
Produced for: Fantomen 13/1991
# of pgs: 30
Writer: Michael Tierres
Artist: Jaime Vallvé
Original colorist: Times Graphics Singapore
Producer: Semic Press

"The Mark of Death" is a 1991 Team Fantomen story, written by Michael Tierres, with art by Jaime Vallvé.

Plot summary

In London in 1900, the 18th Phantom meets an old friend, Sir Robert Fey, who tells him of his family curse: the oldest son will die before the age of 30. Sir Robert is now 29 and has never started his own family because of the curse. He invites The Phantom to visit Scotland for a week. On the night before leaving a mysterious man tries to kill Sir Robert but the Phantom manages to save him.

Arriving in Scotland, The Phantom meets Sir Robert's fiance Gwendolyn and her brother the inventor Sir Archiblad. Fey Castle is known for its tower whose only entrance has been closed off for centuries; the tower is haunted by the ghost of a woman who can be seen in a window. Going for a ride, Sir Robert is almost thrown off a cliff when his horse starts to act crazy. Later they find a strange cut on the flank of the horse. The Phantom visits Sir Archibald's shop and learns that he has studied all there is to know about Fey Castle. In the evening Sir Robert has invited Sir Archibald and his fiance to dinner; Gwendolyn acts conspicously and retires early due to a headache.

At night The Phantom finds a secret entrance to the tower at the beach and learns who it is who has been trying to kill Sir Robert.


Recurring characters

One-time Characters

  • Sir Robert Fey
  • Sir Archibald Hawthorne
  • Gwendolyn
  • Angus
  • Sir Malcolm, medieval clan chief



  • Fiat automobile


This story has been published in the following publications:

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