The Ghost Killer

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The Ghost Killer
Produced for: The Ghost Killer (2002)
# of pgs: 48
Writer: Ben Raab
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Original colorist: Paul Mounts
Producer: Moonstone Books

"The Ghost Killer" is a 2002 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Ben Raab and Fernando Blanco.

Plot summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Willya
  • Mikey
  • Solomon Bishop
  • Murano
  • Daniel O'Connor
  • "La Castillana"
  • Kitar (the Bandar messenger)




Old jungle sayings

  • The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a rhousand ears.
  • The Phantom moves faster than lightning.
  • It is terror for the evil man to awake in the darkness and see the Phantom.
  • He who sees the Phantom's unmasked face shall suffer a terrible death.
  • Never point a gun at the Phantom.


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini brazil.gif Brazil

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini usa.gif USA