The Baronkhan Sedition

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The Baronkhan Sedition
The Baronkhan Sedition.jpg
Start date: February 1, 2016
End date: June 4, 2016
# of strips: 108 (18 weeks)
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan, Mike Manley
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "The Twins' Futures"
Followed by: "Farewell to
the Deep Woods

"The Baronkhan Sedition" is the 244th Phantom daily story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan and Mike Manley.

Plot Summary

The story picks up from the previous story. Rex and Captain Lara are visiting the Skull Cave for the 15th birthday of Kit and Heloise. Rex and Captain Lara, tell to both the Phantom and Diana the tradition dont allow a royal to love a commoner and how a group of insurgents, lead by Dumat, are planning to use violence to separate them.

After a hot bath, Diana persuades Kit to go along Rex and Captain Lara back to the Kingdom of Baronkhan and stop the group of insurgents who plan to cause bloodshed for the relationship of the both.

The Phantom goes along Rex and Captain Lara to the Misty Mountains, on the road Rex presents to The Phantom his enemies: Dumat, Kavik and Girok. That same night while Rex and Captain Lara are sleeping, The Phantom arrives to Barokhan and there spread fear using his legend to the followers of the insurgents, with the help of Colonel Petra. The next morning Captain Lara and Rex wake up to find the Phantom has gone alone in his mission.

After hearing the news of the arrival of the Phantom to Barokhan, Kavik tries to call Girok, but his comrade dont answer and he decides to go personally to his home. But meanwhile, The Phantom has marked Girok with the Skull Mark and when this wake up after a serious beating, the Phantom ask him to lead him to some arm caches around the city.

But Girok refuses and after another serious beating, Girok decides to follow the orders of the Phantom, still refusing to believe his legend, Girok tries to kill The Phantom with an assault rifle, only to find the Phantom pointing at him with his two automatic guns. Girok then decides to believe the legend and leads the Phantom to the Arm Caches around the city.

Meanwhile, Kavik finds the furniture of Girok destroyed and guess Prince Rex has found Girok and had taken him prisoner. So Kavik goes to Dumat house in panic and after tell him the story about the arrival of the Phantom, Dumat decides to call the spies they have inside the Palace of Barokhan, but their reports dont show anything strange. So Dumat calm down Kavik and after hearing the legend about the Phantom, Dumat ignores it and goes to dress, to find Girok along Kavik.

Downstairs, Kavik is take through the window by the Phantom, following the screams of Dumat, Dumat come down only to find the window make pieces and presume Kavik has become mad and has run in fear, so Dumat take the keys of the Arm Caches and decides to make the job himself praying the Phantom havent find what the fight is really about.

After dealing with Girok and Kavik, The Phantom goes to the bedroom of Colonel Petran and with the help of a map he marks him every single one of the Arm Caches shown by Girok, after the meeting The Phantom ask to Colonel Petra to dont make any move that would let Dumat to suspect who is behind him.

Meanwhile, a spie flies in parachutes to Dumat house, where he has the mission to kill him while he sleeps, but Dumat isnt there, a little bit suspicious the Captain decides to waits him, but Dumat never arrives in time and when he wakes up he finds the Phantom in a chair aside him. The Captain tries to kill the Phantom and the Phantom tries to stop him without hurting him.

At the beginning the Captain believe the Phantom is on the side of Dumat so he tries to kill him with his guns, his knife and later to punchs. But the Phantom stop every move he makes and after he reveals he is in Rex side, the Captain slips the real motivation of Dumat. One the Phantom suspect from the first time...

Dumat isnt another Royalist kook, who believes Royalty cant marry the commoners, but Dumat is a Bomb Builder, who is financed by "The Nomad", one Hard Drive the Phantom found in the Nomad lair, has lead the forces of various states to search the Nomad acolytes like Dumat and kill them. But The Phantom wont allow the Captain to kill Dumat. Decided to kill Dumat, the Captain hits the Phantom from behind and the noises alert Dumat, who takes his car and decides to kill himself in a try to reveal the true nature of the Phantom.

After Dumat exploded his own car againts the wall, trying to kill the Phantom, both him and the Captain, talk to Colonel Petra and his army force, just before the Phantom leaves the kingdom back to Bangalla. Next morning, Colonel Petra updates Prince Rex and leads him and Captain Lara to the Arm Caches around the city, where Girok and Kavik are trapped.

The Barokhan Army forces take the guns and explosives from the Arm Caches around the city and Prince Rex take advantage of the situation to kiss Captain Lara. The next day, Prince Rex pardons the Captain who try to kill Dumat and in gratitude, the Captain give him the thanks before leaving to his country in a big plane.

While, in The Chronicle Room Diana tries to make Kit slip his point of view about the relationship of Rex and Captain Lara, if it was fling or true love. But Kit dont care a lot about that kind of things and jokes about how didnt even had time to saw them while being there.

The End


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Dumat
  • Kavik
  • Girok
  • Kavik's spy
  • Captain




Old jungle sayings

  • "Phantom moves faster than lightning"

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Behind the scenes

  • This is the last story drawn by Paul Ryan who died abruptly on March, 7 2016. His last strip was published on May 28, 2016.


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  • "La rébellion de Baronkhan", El Informador March 19, 2016 – July 20, 2016

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