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I created this article because she is in many stories. The only problem is the title. Her name was given as Taru Tagama in "Battle of the Jungle Boys" and in that story, she married Lamanda Luaga which would made her name Taru Luaga or Taru Tagama-Luaga. She have, however, mostly been known by the name miss Tagama. I therefore ask if anyone have any idea of what we might call her. Karl MAN Obadja 18:25, 19 February 2008 (CET)

Several secondary characters have been given different names (see Dr Axel, president Goranda, colonel Weeks for just a couple of examples). Miss Tagama's first name has been given as Tara, Taru, Tania and Tanya, just to mention some (and none have been more frequent used than any other...) In addition, in her first appearance she was Miss Longa, then changing to Miss Tagam. Just as have been done in the examples mentioned above, I think that no first name ought to be mentioned in the first paragraph, but rather discussed after the fictional character biography. Also the name Mrs. Luaga has never been used (she has never appeared in an post-wedding story) and I don't think we can jump to conclusion about her changing her name. Additionally - as far as we can tell Miss Tagama and Luaga never married at all in the Team Fantomen stories. Pjär 18:36, 19 February 2008 (CET)
Actually, she appears in "The Kidnappers" as married to Luaga. However, that is nowadays a little bit irrelevant because in the latest 5-story-arc, she has appeared as married to Luaga, and that part of the story has survived in the Team Fantomen publication. Since things now have changed, I ask if we should perhaps change the name of this article, since she certainly is no "miss" anymore and if she use the name Tagama is also queationable. Since Lee Falk no more writes the strip, details have stopped to change (like names), it is therefore unlikely that she will get a new given name, Taru is what will be used. I propose that we rename the article "Taru Luaga", and then explain everything about her name in a special discussion. Karl MAN 19:33, 23 February 2011 (CET)