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Story titles

I have received a mail which states that the following story titles were used within the strip itself, but were changed (i.e. by Frew) for later reprints. If correct, we should rename these story articles to reflect the actual title in the strip and let the other titles redirect there:

  • 25 - Legend of the Durugu
  • 52 - A Tale of the Good Mark
  • 71 - The Super Jet-Gang
  • 106 - Hzz and Hzr
  • 122 - The Third Phantom

Andreas 18:56, 25 February 2012 (CET)

I can't find these titles anywhere, except The Third Phantom on the first page of that story, as "next week..." Delboj4 14:04, 26 February 2012 (CET)

All these mentioned Sunday stories have titles from the original source, the stories themselves, or in the last strip/page from the previous story.

But note that "Legend of the Durugu" got that title in the DAILY version, which was syncronized with the Sundays. This is actually not two different versions but the same and only story.

"A Tale of the Good Mark" can be found on the first page of the first story in Frews 2004 Annual Special.

"The Super Jet-Gang" was last used as a story title in Frews 2010 Annual Special, from the first page of the story.

"The Third Phantom" you have found correctly.