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Once, this page contained the following text:

Nigel Johnson is the man attributed to increasing the price of Phantom comics in Australia -- The story goes that he went around to every book store , 2nd hand shop , FREW publishers , all over Australia buying every PHANTOM comic that he could find - mind you - he bought them for stuff all -- and then he wrote Johnson's Official Phantom Price Guide -- opened COMICS ETC in Brisbane , then made a fortune selling phantom comics 1000 times more than what he bought them for.BASTARD.

I know that we are to keep a neutral view, but the last comment was funny.

Anyway, should there not be any explaination for what this price guide is? Some of the things in the above text could perhaps be used in a short notice. My try:

Johnson's Official Phantom Price Guide was created by Nigel Johnson, owner of COMICS ETC in Brisbane where he sells old issues of The Phantom.

This is my try, if someone has another idea of how it should be done, its fine with me. I just don't think that the page should be completely empty, otherwise, there was no idea in creating it in the first place. Karl MAN 20:18, 9 December 2009 (UTC)