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Stripkoerier was a Dutch fortnightly tabloid, published by Oberon BV that reprinted newspaper comic strips from USA.


The first issue of Stripkoerier was published in 1977. "The Phantom" appeared on one or two pages, with five daily strips printed per page, from the first issue to issue 17/1977, the last one in 1977. Two stories were published, "Adventure in Algiers" & "The Shark's Nest", edited toghether. Wilson McCoy was wrongly credited as artist in all issues.

The tabloid was printed in big size (30 x 45.5 cm) with daily and Sunday strips reprints of various KFS characters, like "Flash Gordon", "Buz Sawyer", "Mandrake the Magician", "Prince Valiant", and etc. This publication a little bit reminds to American weekly tabloid The Menomonee Falls Gazette. In the second year numbering restarted, but the series ended after four issues in 1978. All together, there were 21 issues in total.

Issue overview