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Ulf Granberg
Biographical information
Born: May 9, 1945
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Writer, Editorial people
Website: N/A

Ulf Granberg (born 1945) was the editor responsible for the Swedish Phantom comic book, Fantomen from 1972 to 2012, a duty wich also included heading the Team Fantomen production of Phantom stories. He has also written about 30 Phantom stories.


Granberg became the 12th editor of Fantomen in 1973, succeeding Per-Anders Jonsson, and continued until 1987, being succeeded by Mats Jönsson. In 2003 he returned as editor, succeeding Petter Sjölund. He did however remain in charge of the Team Fantomen production between his two periods as an editor, serving as editor-in-chief. In addition, Granberg was the editor for the first 16 issues of Fantomen Krönika and for issue 58.

He retired from his Phantom duties with Fantomen 9/2012, after a total of 1001 issues. He was succeeded by Mikael Sol as editor for Fantomen and by Claes Reimerthi and Hans Lindahl as editor for the Team Fantomen production of stories.

He has styled himself "Gammelredax" in Sweden, which may be translated into "Old editor" ("redax" is a shortened form of "redaktör" which translates editor).

Phantom work by Ulf Granberg


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Revenge of the Vultures" Granberg Wilhelmsson ¤
2 "Treasure of the Yoga Men" Granberg, Lundström Vallvé ¤
3 "Wagon Master" Granberg, Lundström Eralp
4 "Laurann's Wedding" Granberg, Lundström Eralp ¤
5 "Sir Phantom - Knight of the Round Table" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
6 "The Double" Granberg Bade ¤
7 "The Vampire in Carpatia" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
8 "Treasure of the Aztecs" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
9 "Son of the Desert" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
10 "The Witch" Granberg, Eralp Eralp ¤
11 "Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé
12 "Escape from Devil's Island" Bade, Granberg Bade
13 "The Ring" Granberg Vallvé
14 "Seaman Walker" Andersson, Granberg Vallvé ¤
15 "Mystery in Rome" Granberg Vallvé
16 "Dangerous Vacation" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
17 "Hostage of the Singh Pirates" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
18 "The Golden Mannequins" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
19 "Ku Klux Klan" Bade, Granberg Bade
20 "Dangerous Inheritance" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
21 "The Ambassador" Granberg Vallvé
22 "The Dangerous Portrait" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
23 "Sir Thomas' Revenge" Granberg Vallvé ¤
24 "The Emperor's Treasure" Granberg Vallvé
25 "The Murderer" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
26 "The Mask of Death" Granberg Vallvé
27 "The Temple Treasure" Granberg Leppänen ¤
28 "Race Against Death" Granberg Lindahl
29 "The President's Double" Granberg, Piero Felmang, Waldrag
30 "Samaris" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
31 "Gullique - The Island of Doom" Falk, Granberg Leppänen
32 "The Mermaids of Melo Straits" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
33 "The Ring of Death, Part 1" Leppänen, Granberg Leppänen
34 "The Ring of Death, Part 2" Leppänen, Granberg Leppänen
35 "Tiger Girl" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
36 "Queen Pera the Perfect" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
37 "The Lady Luck, Part 1" Falk, Granberg Felmang
38 "The Lady Luck, Part 2" Falk, Granberg Felmang

Additional works

In addition to the stories listed above, Team Fantomen has also produced some odd stories which for different reasons aren't included in the main list. None of these stories have been translated into English.

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