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Silio Romagnoli is an Italian artist. In the 1960s, he drew Phantom stories for Fratelli Spada.

In 1997 he contributed to a Fantomen cover, although the artwork was originally credited to Mario Caria by mistake, as Caria had been originally scheduled to do the painting.

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Phantom works by Silio Romagnoli


Fratelli Spada stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Il rapimento del piccolo Marty" "The Kidnapping of Little Marty"  ? Leonetti, Romagnoli
2 "Rapina ad alta quota" "Robbery in the Sky"  ? Romagnoli
3 "I falchi della montagna bianca" "The Falcons of the White Mountain"  ? Leonetti, Romagnoli
4 "L'Avamposto perduto" "The Lost Outpost"  ? Romagnoli
5 "La roccia rilucente" "The Glittering Rock"  ? Romagnoli
6 "Volo 409" "Flight 409"  ? Romagnoli
7 "I cacciatori di frodo" "The Poachers"  ? Romagnoli
8 "La dea scesa dal cielo" "The Goddess Fallen from the Sky"  ? Romagnoli
9 "Diamanti che scottano" "Hot Diamonds"  ? Romagnoli


Fantomen covers